Hilltop Cares is a 501(c)3 charitable organization formed by members of the Horace Mann community to help victims of sexual abuse and promote healing.  

Hilltop Cares is run by an all-volunteer staff including Marjorie Kaufman '78 P'18 P'19, Joe Rose '77, Ed Bowen '74, Daniel Miller '82 P'17, Elyse Weiner MD '82, Claudia Knafo '82, Geoff Genth '80 and Gregg Luchs '78. 

The founders of Hilltop Cares are drawn together by our shared experiences at Horace Mann over more than five decades. We are proud of Horace Mann’s legacy of academic excellence and the school’s emphasis on  individual achievement within a caring community. 


Hilltop Cares helps former Horace Mann students who are desperately in need of therapeutic assistance to come to terms with their abuse and its decades-long aftermath.  We are committed to helping these alumni cover their therapy costs.  

  If you are a survivor of abuse, we are here for you and your family. 

To apply for assistance, please visit our Resources page

or email Hilltop Cares at info@hilltopcares.org

Hilltop Cares also seeks to foster a renewed sense of understanding, compassion and community, and to raise awareness about sexual abuse issues.  So many members of the extended Horace Mann family have felt traumatized, in ways large and small, by revelations of abuse that took place at our school.  To ignore this dark chapter would be to go against the values we have been taught.  We choose instead to confront our shared past with compassion, a generosity of spirit and resources and a determination to understand and learn from these tragedies.  We are reaching out to those hurt by the abuse and offering assistance. 


Please help support our mission by donating online ​or sending your check to: Hilltop Cares ℅ Ed Bowen, 40 West 116th St, # B705, ​New York, NY 10026​

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Hilltop Cares is proud to have funded over

2,150  therapy sessions since June 2014

thanks to the generosity of more than

150 donors

from  across the Horace Mann community,

including  alumni, trustees, 

current staff and parents

An independent 501(c)3 charitable organization serving the Horace Mann community