Institutional Investor's Alpha: Good Guys

Feb 2016

Buzzfeed: Survivors of the HM Sex Scandal

Jul 2015

Amos Kamil's "Great Is The Truth"

- "Great Is The Truth" by Amos Kamil

Nov 2015

- Chicago Tribune:"'Great Is The Truth' Amos Kamil Explores Horace Mann Sex Abuse Scandal"

Nov 2015

- NY Times: " 'Great Is The Truth' Looks at Horace Mann Scandal"

Oct 2015

Hilltop Cares Benefit Concert May 2015

​​- Horace Mann Record: "Alum Musicians Perform for Hilltop Cares Benefit Concert"

May 2015

​- Riverdale Press: "Concert Aims to Heal Wounds at Horace Mann"
May 2015

- Horace Mann Record: "​Hilltop Cares Concert Hosts Concert to Benefit Alumni"

May 2015

Riverdale Press: "Activists Renew Demands for Child Victims Act"
Apr 2015

Working to Give: "Communal Healing at School

Jan 2015

Horace Mann Record: "Hilltop Cares Foundation Brings School Community Together"

Dec 2014

Gowanus Lounge: " Hilltop Cares Foundation Focusing on Community and Healing"

Dec 2014

People: "Out of the Shadows"

Oct 2014

"Hilltop Cares Receives 501(c)3 Status"

​Sep 2014

Wikipedia:Horace Mann School - Hilltop Cares



Hilltop Cares Chair Marjorie Kaufman '78 greets audience at May 2015 concert

Alumni Dr. David Silbersweig '78, Joseph Cumming '77, Jon Seiger '80 and David Kahn '76 perform at Hilltop Cares Concert May 2015

Alumni gathering pre-concert May 2015 at Horace Mann, including Steve Fife

The original Horace Mann Jazz Band circa 1977

An independent 501(c)3 charitable organization serving the Horace Mann community